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, , , is online service that offer fast creation of small websites. Voodoo Code is founder of this service.

We developed this service to give fast and cheap (even free!) solution for online presence to small business in Serbia and region. Currently this project is in Beta phase and offers only creation of free websites. In next phase […]

THe Hand Center

We created The Hand Center website for our client from USA. We build it on WordPress with few custom made plugins.

Knightsbridge Surgery Center

Knightsbridge Surgery Center is one of many surgery center websites we build for our client From Ohio,  USA. We used SiteCake CMS for this one.


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Webinar is online educational software based on Flash streaming technology, for organizing and holding live or pre-reordered online seminars. Lecturers can create seminars, manage attenders, create pools which attenders can complete during or after seminar is being held and upload slides and different seminar material. You can check what is it all about on

Ohio Business Roundtable

This website is made using SiteCake CMS in combination with custom crafted administration for managing private website members. This was a nice project 🙂 . You can check it out on

NS Reporter

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NS Reporter is a newspaper agency from Novi Sad, Serbia. We did this portal for them few years ago. It is WordPress based system with different custom plugins that we build from scratch.

Ohio Turnpike Analysis is a small website we did for our client from Ohio, USA.

Wellness Hotel Park

This is a small cute website we built for Hotel Park, Novi Sad. We used SiteCake CMS. You can see the website at