Web Applications

BrzoDoSajta.com – make free site!

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Brzodosajta.com is online service that offer fast creation of small websites. Voodoo Code is founder of this service.

We developed this service to give fast and cheap (even free!) solution for online presence to small business in Serbia and region. Currently this project is in Beta phase and offers only creation of free websites. In next phase […]

NS Reporter

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NS Reporter is a newspaper agency from Novi Sad, Serbia. We did this portal for them few years ago. It is WordPress based system with different custom plugins that we build from scratch.

PSCOR – Surgery pre-admission

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PSCOR is an online surgery pre-admission software that allows surgery centers to collect patient details and medical history online. We started this project for our client back in August 2010 and went public with first live version in January 2011. Since then, bit by bit, using input from client surgery centers we brought application to perfection. In this project, […]

WinSocial – fast posting platform


WinSocial is platform for posting massive amount of statuses on social platforms. It works with multiple social platforms, multiple profiles, multiple languages and multiple users simultaneously. Since it was made for brokers and bankers that pretty much post same boring things all the time (prices of gold, money and other assets) it is based on template system. Each template […]

Enza – Try electric meal


ENZA software namenjen je vođenju kompletne elektronske evidencije o poslovima vezanim za učeničke domove.

Software je potpuno u skladu sa aktuelnom zakonskom regulativom Republike Srbije i pravilnicima o sadržaju i načinu vođenja  videncije u učeničkim domovima :

Pravilnik o sadržaju i načinu vođenja evidencije i izdavanju učeničke i studentske kartice u domu učenika i studentskom centru (“Sl. glasnik RS”, br. 29/2011)
Pravilnik o standardima kvaliteta […]


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BrokersWatch is an online directory of broker companies. Project is still under development, but you can take a peek at www.brokerswatch.com/brokers/



This is a big one… JobWatch is an online recruiting portal that connects employers and job seekers directly, or through a recruiting service. Custom backend provides possibility for recruiters to keep track of all their employers and job seekers through system. Several CRM modules are also implemented to be used by recruiters, such as keep tracking of […]